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This is Why AutoXcel is Unique

In the congested F&I landscape, it can be challenging to discern between providers who often look and sound the same. While most providers advertise a similar suite of offerings and a promise of stellar service, few truly stand out like AutoXcel.


Innovative Products and Programs

AutoXcel features a carefully curated suite of over 25 F&I products and programs, finely tuned over 20 years of industry experience to drive partner revenue.

A Reputation of Integrity

Doing right by our Agent and Dealer partners and looking out for the drivers who rely on our programs is central to the DNA of our company. It starts at the top with our President & CEO, Mark Evans, who has a decades-long reputation of trust and honesty. 


Industry Leading Claims Support 


All Claims Departments are not the same. With AutoXcel, consumers are not funneled through an impersonal app or placed in a lengthy queue to wait for the next available agent. Every covered driver speaks with a trusted agent who personally guides each claim to a fair and prompt resolution. 

Reduced Complaints and Cancellations


Our personal and responsive approach to service and support means fewer customer complaints and cancellations for our Dealers and Agents. That translates directly into increased ongoing F&I revenue for our partners.

Truly Custom Solutions 


We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to the unique needs of our partners by crafting individualized F&I solutions with revenue creation, ease of implementation, and the end-consumer’s satisfaction in mind. 

On-Site Accounting and Compliance 


Our on-site Accounting and Compliance professionals provide dealers with quicker approvals, timely responses to questions, and real-time iterations to forms and contracts. That means deals close faster and with fewer headaches. 


Engaging Complimentary Marketing 


Our in-house Marketing & Design team supports our partners with engaging and personalized POS collateral, supporting sales teams with compelling resources to help close the deal.

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