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Dynamic Image
AutoXcel Dynamic Image

The Ultimate Image Protection

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  Interior & Exterior Coverage

  Includes Coverage for Rips,Tears, Cigarette Burns

  Quick & Easy Annual Reapplication at NO Additional Charge

  Up to 7 Year Protection

Dynamic Image Clear Coat

ClearCoat & Paint Protectant

The advanced formulation of Dynamic Image

provides technological protection against:

Acid Rain

Bird Droppings



Fading Due to UV Sunlight


Loss of Clearcoat 

Hard Water Stains

Vinyl & Leather Conditioner

Dynamic Image leather care provides long lasting nourishment with protectants that enable your leather  to survive and look lustrous for years to come.

  UV Absorbers


  Protective Chemicals 

Fabric Protection


  Resists Both Oil and Water Based Stains. 

•  Protection also Covers Rips, Tears & Cigarette Burns.

Dynamic Glass
AutoXcel DynamicGlass

Unrivaled Windshield Protection

Clear Vision

Water Repellency

Reduced Glare

Windshield Replacement Option

Windshield Repair Option


•  Available in Repair Only or Repair/Replace Policies

•  Does Not Exclude OEM Replacement

•  Easy Application, Reapplied Yearly at NO COST to You

•  Up to 7 Year Terms Available

•  No Deductibles

•  Treatment for New & Pre-Owned Vehicles

AutoXcel RecoverKey

If you lose your keys, we’ve got you covered!


•  Lost, Stolen or Damaged Keys

•  1-Key/FOB Replacement per Year

•  Up to 7 Year Terms Available

•  Including an Additional $100 for Additional Keys Lost

•  Nationwide Coverage

Key/FOB Replacement

Key/FOB Replacement

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

Lockout Assistance

Lockout Assistance

Fuel & Fluid Delivery

Fuel & Fluid Delivery

Autoxcel PDR
AutoXcel Paintless Dent repair

Unlimited Removal of Unsightly Dents & Dings


•  Unlimited Removal of Dents & Dings on Vertical Panels of the Vehicle.

•  1-7 Year Plans Available

•  Optional Hail Damage Protection (Only available in certain states, ask for details)

•  Nationwide Coverage

Dents & Dings Fixed Like New!

AutoXcel Zone Blue
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AutoXcel Zone Blue
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