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Re-Charge Your

Electric Vehicle Sales

Electric Vehicle sales have become a significant revenue driver for auto Dealers and with it has come the need for comprehensive vehicle service programs. Help your customers get the coverage they need to protect themselves from the service realities and costs of the electric vehicle market.

Invigorate your EV Business today
with the comprehensive EV VSC from AutoXcel


According to Consumer Reports, electric vehicles have 79% more reliability problems than gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicles, on average.

-Consumer Reports, November 2023

Bolstering consumer confidence
during the EV purchasing process is essential!

That means educating buyers about the protections available to them to safeguard their new electric vehicle. The EV VSC from AutoXcel is a powerful tool that gives consumers peace of mind, knowing that the critical components of their electric vehicle will be covered.


AutoXcel’s EV VSC covers critical electrical and mechanical components and is available in two coverages:

The Powertrain Wrap package and the Exclusionary Wrap program.

*Battery Array coverage is also available for qualifying vehicles.

Connect with AutoXcel today and learn how our EV VSC can amplify your important electric vehicle business!

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