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We are proud to present the 1st Edition of our quarterly newsletter!

August 10, 2020


Dealership Loyalty Programs

AutoXcel Introduces

Wilmington, NC – August 10, 2020 – AutoXcel Corporation announces its line of dealership loyalty programs to add to its growing number of F&I solutions for dealers. 

The Loyalty line includes products that provide incentives for the customers to return to the dealership for maintenance.  AutoXcel’s Loyalty line offers: TLC (Total Loss Credit) and TLC2 - providing both a Total Loss Credit and the potential for a Fair Market Value boost through the Total Loyalty Credit, Lifetime Powertrain Warranty and a Combo of TLC2 and the Lifetime Powertrain known as the Loyalty Advantage Program. 

“Dealers need customers to return to them not just for the next purchase but also for maintenance and other service issues.  A valuable loyalty program creates a long-term base of customer support. AutoXcel’s loyalty TLC2 program, particularized to each dealer, provides a service to customers to eliminate their individual worries related to a bad circumstance – total loss – and rewards them for loyal maintenance with a greater return at trade in.  The AutoXcel Loyalty programs are designed to ensure that the consumer identifies with their Dealer as the trusted source of care.”

- Mark Evans, President / CEO of AutoXcel


AutoXcel began developing its Loyalty programs in 2017 to enhance the relationship between the Dealer and its customers. The AutoXcel Total Loss Credit (TLC) gives the Dealer its merchant promise to assist its customer in the event of a total loss.  Because that customer purchased from the Dealer originally, the Dealer may then reward the loyal customer with a credit if the Customer purchases a replacement vehicle from the Dealer.  That Dealer credit can extend up to $5,000.  TLC2 provides the loyal customer a Dealer credit whether there is a loss or hopefully, if there is no loss, and the customer has maintained the vehicle with the Dealer.  The Dealer provides the customer a Fair Market Value trade-in of up to 10%.  Undeniably a great deal for the loyal customer.  


To learn more about the AutoXcel Loyalty Programs, please visit this link. 

To learn more about AutoXcel’s comprehensive F&I solutions, please visit this link.

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