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We are proud to present the 1st Edition of our quarterly newsletter!

March 25, 2020


AutoXcel's Operations
and Assistance During The Coronavirus

Dear Dealers and Agents:

It is mid-week of the second recognized week of the various government orders to stay at home or stay away from normal work.  It has affected so many businesses.  Some dealers are relieved that repair service is designated as an essential service, but are also frustrated that car sales are impossible.  Even with the service department there is concern about exposure within the service department. It is such an odd time.  

What can we do to assure or help you at this time?  First, please know that AutoXcel® is operating each day during this time with a limited, in-office team (all separated from one another) and with the other employees working remotely through our VOIP phone system.  Our company maintains full support with continued full employment.  AutoXcel continues to operate during its regular hours.  Please feel free to call Accounting, Claims, Sales, Marketing or other representatives of AutoXcel on their direct line (if known) or call the general number (910) 762-5300 and chose from the options available. 

All of our traditional timelines regarding remittance, reports and disbursements will continue without change.  Our
e-contracting systems continue to operate every day.  If you have any question about any of the above, please call.   

During this time we encourage you to take advantage of things we believe can help you.  For example, with regard to understanding AutoXcel’s programs, products and sales techniques, there are on-line training sessions available each day.  

Additionally, AutoXcel has the in-house wheel repair program, (WheelRenew®), that can be set up for the Dealer without material funds being expended up front by the Dealer.  With the economy being badly damaged, having such a program ready to go when there is a more normal existence will be critical to save the Dealer money while producing Service revenue.  Wheel Renew can greatly assist with the speedy repair of the Dealer’s revenue operations.

We are here to help.  Like you, we want this to get better soon and more than anything we want each of you to be safe.  Call us anytime.   


Mark Evans, President & CEO

AutoXcel Corporation

President & CEO, AutoXcel

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