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We are proud to present the 1st Edition of our quarterly newsletter!


March 17, 2020

A Letter from the CEO

Dear Dealers and Agents:


As your provider for service contracts and warranties, we want you to understand that AutoXcel made plans last week to continue to move forward every day.  We have a number of our staff working remotely because they can do so.  Accounting and our Claims department is completely interlinked and communicating with each other and the staff that is in the office. We do have a small group in the office. Our sales staff is also working remotely but can drive to a dealership, if there is assistance needed at this time.  The rules regarding social distancing will be followed.  


Having experienced devastating hurricanes – Matthew, Florence and Dorian over 3 of the last 4 years, we do have experience in this type of arrangement. Having gone through those storms and the devastation that followed for days and months thereafter, we learned quite a bit. This is essentially our 4th drill in 4 years, the difference is that we cannot watch the storm on radar and gauge when it will be over.  Also unlike a singular storm, the effects are affecting all of the United States. Thus, we made changes quite some time ago that enabled us to be a remote company when we need to be.  We changed our phone operations to work from a VOIP system, and it has been very effective and constant.  


So, please feel free to call anyone in our company as you need. We will take the call or get back to you if on another call.  AutoXcel is open and operating whether we are remote or in office.

We value your business, but we also want to know that you are doing well and are safe. Please take the precautions to be healthy.  


Mark Evans, President & CEO

AutoXcel Corporation

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