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AutoXcel and WheelRenew Paired Benefits:

A Powerful Advantage for Auto Dealers and Agents

Dealers can experience the significant benefits of AutoXcel's Tire and Wheel programs with on-site wheel repair from WheelRenew!  


This paired offering allows Dealers to:


  • Control Used Car, Service, and Claim costs at competitive vendor pricing

  • Support the entire book of Used, Service, and warranty work with typically same-day service

  • On-site professional wheel repair ready to respond, including machined wheels 

  • Service Department Commission on AutoXcel wheel repair claim ticket  

  • Minimize the need to send wheels off-site for 3rd party repairs


AutoXcel’s Tire and Wheel Expertise


AutoXcel has offered its suite of Tire and Wheel programs and F&I Bundles with Tire and Wheel since 2009. Starting in 2017, with the launch of the WheelRenew brand, AutoXcel has inserted well-qualified wheel repair technicians at partnering dealerships — a pairing that benefits the Dealer, its customers, and AutoXcel. AutoXcel’s WheelReady division carries a complete line of pre-matched toners for virtually every OEM wheel on the market, drastically cutting down time in relation to toner matching and mixing.  The efforts of AutoXcel and WheelRenew ensure professional repair with efficient speed.

A Prompt and Professional Solution


AutoXcel understands that a tire or wheel claim means that the vehicle is not rolling. The age-old saying is “Time is of Essence.”  Well, in this case, it becomes “Time is of Essence, Speed is of Necessity.” WheelRenew meets the Dealer’s needs by delivering cost-effective, direct, and efficient wheel repair service, and resolves AutoXcel’s claims.   

Embedded Technicians – Complete Service – Same Day Turnaround


On-site WheelRenew technicians complement AutoXcel’s F&I contracts by improving claim turnaround time and empower Dealers with efficient, on-the-spot Used, Service, and Retail wheel work.  

No Dealer Infrastructure Required


WheelRenew handles all the dealer’s infrastructure needs, making on-site wheel repair a seamless operation.  WheelRenew provides the fully equipped wheel repair trailer, furnishes its own trucks, stocks OEM pre-matched paints, and often has a lathe on-site to cut machine face wheels.  This leads to speedy wheel repair service, fewer wheels sent off-site to a reman facility, as well as enhanced dealer and customer satisfaction.

“These guys are way beyond compare. Very professional and the work is flawless. Looks brand new. Highly recommend.”


-WheelRenew Customer

Reinsurance Protection for Dealers 


In addition to speedy service times and improved customer satisfaction, AutoXcel’s approach to Tire and Wheel has real financial benefits for dealers. In most cases, when dealers offer AutoXcel’s tire and wheel and bundle tire and wheel, they can include the contracts in reinsurance and protect the reserve.  This is a powerful tool for dealers allowing them to contain costs. 


Experience a Marketing Boost with WheelRenew


WheelRenew offers dealers a powerful marketing boost that can consistently bring consumers to the dealership through its periodic wheel repair specials.  For example, event days that promote “The First 10 (or First 20) People to Come in For a Test Drive Get Up to two (2) wheels cosmetically repaired for free.” These events not only bring consumers to the dealership, but they also give dealers a competitive advantage over their competition.


To learn more about the powerful benefits of pairing AutoXcel’s Tire and Wheel contracts with WheelRenew, please contact us!

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