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Powersports Season is Upon Us: Be Prepared with Coverage from AutoXcel

The Summer months have finally arrived and with them comes the inevitable uptick in powersports and recreational vehicle purchases. From motorcycles and scooters to ATVs, Utility Vehicles, and Boats, American consumers love to get out and play and the sales numbers prove it.


Powersports: A Growing Industry Segment


“The Powersports market industry is projected to grow from USD 19.3 Billion in 2022 to USD 30.2 billion by 2030, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.65%.”

-Market Research Future (Source Article)


-Market Research Future (Source Article)

Vehicle Protection for Grown-Up Toys

Caught up with the excitement of buying a new toy, many consumers fail to plan for the eventual maintenance and repairs that their new recreational vehicles will inevitably require.  Dealers' sales teams play an integral role in educating the consumer on how to best protect their new investment. In the event of vehicle breakdowns, damage, or a total loss, quality F&I programs can save the day and keep consumers on the road, the trails, or the water.

Powersports Coverage from AutoXcel

AutoXcel has a range of Powersports programs to protect consumers from unexpected vehicle repair costs. With coverage options for motorcycles, touring bikes, boats, ATVs, utility vehicles, and scooters, AutoXcel gives dealers the options and flexibility to serve the end consumer and drive additional revenue.


Powersports Vehicle Service Contract (VSC)

The powersports and recreational vehicle industry has gained immense popularity in recent years. AutoXcel, in response, has designed a variety of Vehicle Service Contracts to cater to this expanding segment. AutoXcel's Powersports portfolio comprises Standard and Premium level plans for Boats & Personal Watercrafts, Motorcycles & Touring Bikes, and ATVs & Utility Vehicles.


Powersports Tire & Wheel Program

AutoXcel provides an ancillary Tire & Wheel plan that caters to motorcycles. Apart from our Powersports VSC programs, our motorcycle tire & wheel protection offers a range of benefits, including roadside assistance, towing or cycle pick up, battery service, flat tire assistance, and fuel, oil, fluid, and water delivery service. We also cover tire repair and replacement, as well as bent wheel repair and replacement as needed.


Powersports Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

AutoXcel offers Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) for motorcycles, personal watercraft, scooters, and ATVs. This program protects enthusiasts from the financial impact of accidents and theft that result in total loss. By providing coverage for such events, riders can have peace of mind and avoid costly expenses in the future.


Contact our Sales team to learn more about Powersports coverage options from AutoXcel!

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