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Costly Mandates for EV Charging Stations? Relief Is On The Way!

Many auto makers, in a desire to improve EV sales, mandated that auto dealers install a volume of expensive charging stations. The “Catch 22” - get chargers, able to sell EVs; don’t, then won’t. Potential customers shy away from discussing purchase of an EV due to a perception of hassle and worry of finding a charging station. Even when an EV owner gets to a charging station, there is the wait.

Maybe Eddy Grant was on to more than he knew with his song “Electric Avenue.” It seems that soon there really will be electric avenues and highways. The city of Detroit with the help of Israeli company, Electreon, and the country of Sweden are leading the way in the creation of safe, electrified roadways, that will actually charge EVs as they ride over a roadway. Not all roadways need electrification to make it work.


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