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Coverage Enabled: Safeguarding Consumer Vehicle Tech

Modern vehicles have quite literally become "computers on wheels."

Modern vehicles are no longer just modes of transportation from one point to another. They come equipped with advanced technology such as lane-assist features, large touchscreens loaded with hi-tech applications, and more sensors than a highly secured bank vault. These innovations make cars smarter than ever before.


The rapid evolution of technology has brought many exciting developments for consumers to enjoy. However, it has also brought some complications and unforeseen expenses. One significant factor that attracts potential buyers is the technology components that come installed by manufacturers. But when these components fail, the cost of repairing or replacing them can be substantial.


According to Greg Brannon, the Director of Automotive Engineering and Industry Relations at the American Automobile Association (AAA), repairing vehicles that come with advanced driver-assistance technology or other computerized features can cost up to three times more than the maintenance of vehicles without such technology. Moreover, not all service departments are equipped to repair such vehicles.


To protect consumers from these types of unforeseen expenses, AutoXcel has introduced a service contract called AutoXcel Technology. This advanced program covers various common technology components, giving customers more assurance against unexpected costs.


AutoXcel’s Technology Package Covers a Vehicle’s:

·        Touchscreens

·        Navigation

·        Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

·        Bluetooth

·        Apple Play

·        Lane Departure

·        Backup Camera

·        Cruise Control

·        Wi-Fi

·        Sound System

·        And more...


If you want to provide your customers with the coverage they need to safeguard their technology-enabled vehicles, consider adding AutoXcel's Technology service contract to your dealership's portfolio. We offer a range of vehicle protection programs, and we would be happy to provide you with more information. Please contact us to learn more!

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