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Riding High: A Look Inside AutoXcel’s High-Mileage VSC

The high mileage, pre-owned vehicle market is a growing source of dealer revenues and is equally popular among potential buyers.

Many factors are contributing to the increase in pre-owned vehicle sales and the rise of high-mileage vehicles on the road. These include cost-conscious consumers, improved vehicle build quality, and technological advancements in auto manufacturing. According to AutoMD's 2015 Vehicle Mileage Survey, approximately two out of three consumers report driving vehicles with over 100,000 miles. This is a 36% increase since the survey was conducted in 2010.


As the number of high-mileage vehicles being sold increases, it has become essential for dealerships to offer comprehensive service and coverage options for these vehicles. In response, AutoXcel has developed an attractive High-Mileage VSC that covers all major drivetrain components, as well as many other critical systems. We also provide additional coverage options for used car buyers that are both appealing and beneficial.


With AutoXcel’s program, drivers have the option to create a program with unlimited miles, cover a pre-owned diesel vehicle, purchase coverage for 4-wheel drive, and protect a vehicle's lift kit, tires, or suspension. The coverage also includes generous labor and rental car allowances, as well as extensive roadside services. As a result, covered individuals can enjoy peace of mind knowing they are protected in the event of breakdown or damage.


This program provides used car buyers with flexibility and gives dealers the necessary tools to increase customer loyalty and revenue streams over time.  To learn more about AutoXcel’s High-Mileage VSC or any other of our vehicle protection programs, please contact us!

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